Old School Games that Kids Used to Play

Before the technology revolution, kids played outside most of the time. They even played in the streets and after dark. Today, both technological advancements and safety concerns have driven children indoors. With Covid-19, many parents may have dug into their own childhood memories to find ways to entertain their kids.

Kids used to play all kinds of games. From brain games like Rubik’s cubes to outdoor games like Red Rover, kids had no shortage of entertainment. Today, there are new versions of games and most of them require a computer or mobile device. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different from when some of us were kids.

There are so many great games that kids used to play. Some of them are likely still being played in some form. Here is a look at some of the great old school games that kids used to love.

Post image Old School Games that Kids Used to Play Rubik Cubes - Old School Games that Kids Used to Play

Rubik’s Cubes

Kids still play this today. It was very popular at one stage. It is a great game for developing problem-solving skills. Many people have battled with the cube to get all the colors aligned.

Red Rover

This was one of the most popular playground and camp games. The words ‘Red Rover, Red Rover, send Jimmy right over’, hold many fun memories for kids who grew up in the 80s. The game is played with a group of people divided into two groups. Each side hold hands and whoever is called over needs to try and get through the chain of kids. Not so easy.

Post image Old School Games that Kids Used to Play Double Dutch - Old School Games that Kids Used to Play

Double Dutch

In some countries, there used to be serious Double Dutch competitions and tournaments. Two kids hold a pair of jump ropes and swing them. A third kid then ‘jumps in’ and tries to jump as long as possible. This is great for developing coordination and muscle memory. The choreography sections of competitions also required some creativity.

Simon Says

This is another game that is still played by some kids today. It is good for different reasons. It requires mental skills like listening and comprehending and then responding or not responding in the right way. It also develops balance and hand-eye-coordination.

Post image Old School Games that Kids Used to Play Board Games - Old School Games that Kids Used to Play

Board Games

Board games are still popular today, but it needs to be mentioned. Board games are great for developing different mental skills like deduction, problem-solving, strategizing, and memory.

Today, most games are played on electronic devices. They still offer great opportunities for mental development, though. However, the physical development is a bit harder. Some console games require actual physical participation, but not many. Kids may need to incorporate some of the old school outdoor games to develop coordination and motor skills.

Games really have the potential to help kids learn while having fun. They often don’t even know that they are exercising or developing their mental abilities. Try playing some of these old school games and see how much fun kids of today can still have with them. It is also good for the grownups to dust off the cobwebs and get moving.