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Games are universal. Some countries may have different variations of specific games, but everyone plays them. Games were even played by the ancient civilizations. There is no reason to think that games in all its forms will not be going anywhere soon.

Universal Street Games believes that games are a great part of life. From learning to playing to having fun. Games are one of the best things that life has to offer.

Readers who share our view and feelings about games, please join our game-loving community. Get the inside scoop, the history, and the future of new games and how they work. A subscription to Universal Street Games will open up a whole new world of gaming adventure and knowledge.

Why Subscribe?

Subscribing to Universal Street Games means all access to everything about gaming as a hobby. Subscribers receive newsletters with information about new and old games, upcoming events, new releases, and competitions. A subscription means first knowledge of exciting happenings and first go at trying out new games.

Subscribers also have the opportunity to engage with other gamers in the chat room. All subscribers who join the chat room must prove that they are at least 18 years old. The chats are monitored, but no underage members will be allowed.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, simply visit the Contact page. Readers who want to subscribe can just send an email. They should include their name, email address, and a short description of why they love games and the types of gaming they enjoy. Put ‘Subscribe Me’ as the subject line or email topic.

What are the Costs?

A small admin fee is charged to get subscribers on the mailing lists and on the chat room platform. That’s it. There are no hidden costs. There are games and other products available for purchase, but that is up to every person.

Subscribers Say

“Universal Street Games changed my gaming life. There is so much I didn’t know before I subscribed to the magazine. I loved board games before but now I can’t live without them. Universal Street Games is the best place for gamers.” – Julie

“Wow! The chat room is off the chain! So many like-minded game lovers who talk about everything from graphics, conception of game ideas, tricks, developers, and more. I’ve met some really cool people. Some of us even started our own league in different games.” – Tom